2EZTOUR – Customised Private Tour Platform

Now with 2EZTOUR by Youin Travel, you can customise your private trip direct with more than 3 local travel companies at the destination you choose, at the same time, all on one platform.

What Happens? Submit your enquiry with your details, length of travel, budget, Number of people etc… Once you send your request through the “Customise Tour” option on youintravel.com, your account will be automatically created and sent to your email account.


Login to 2EZTOUR – customised private tour platform and the notification of your conversation with travel agencies will be sent to your email.

You will then receive itineraries and prices, which will include expert travel advice, from different reliable travel companies specifically chosen by Youin Travel, based on your initial request.

A customised private tour is a personalised travel experience that is tailored to your specific interests, preferences and needs. Instead of joining a pre-arranged tour with a fixed itinerary, a customised private tour allows you to design your itinerary, choose your activities, and travel at your own pace with your very own guide.

Customised private tours can be arranged for a variety of destinations, including cities, rural regions, and Countries and can include a range of activities such as cultural experiences, outdoor adventures, culinary experiences, sightseeing, historical and heritage tours, and much more.

On a customised private tour, you have the freedom to choose the duration of your trip, the type of accommodation or even the exact hotel you prefer, the transportation mode that best suits your needs and even the language of your guide.

Why waste time trying to make a phone call to speak to an advisor who just doesn’t understand and isn’t willing to give you the time to fully listen to your needs to make your trip special?

With 2EZTOUR, you don’t have to go into a busy store or shopping mall, wait around, or even just being asked to make an appointment to see someone… 2EZTOUR allows you to do it from the comfort of your home.

2EZTOUR saves you time and money. Let us bid for you!

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