Preparing For Your Nepal Trek

Mountain view with a horse in Langtang Valley, Nepal, Youintravel

To prepare for a trek in Nepal, you should focus on physical, mental, and logistical preparations, ensuring you have the appropriate gear and allowing enough time for acclimatisation. With proper preparation, you can have an enjoyable and safe trekking experience in Nepal. Physical Preparation Trekking in Nepal can be physically demanding, and it’s essential to…

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How To Choose The Best Trek For Me?

Prayer wheel Nepal

To choose the best trekking route in Nepal depends on several factors, including your physical fitness level, time available, budget, interests, and personal preferences. Here are some steps that can help you choose the right trekking route: Determine the time you have: The duration of your trek can significantly impact your choice of trekking routes.…

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Nepal Travel Essential Guide

Langtang valley Trek, Nepal

When is the best time to travel to Nepal Nepal’s climate varies greatly depending on the season: June – September: During this period the monsoon rains (mostly occur at night) can bring landslides in regional areas. Cloud cover often obscures mountain views with rain, with mud and leeches deterring most trekkers at this time of…

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Portable Altitude Chamber – Explained!

Our most important concern when trekking is your health and safety, Youin Travel guides carry and have access to a Portable altitude chamber, also known as a Gamow Bag. This is a portable device that can be inflated to a pressure of two psi. The air inside of the chamber is 91% oxygen-rich and is used to…

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What to Pack For A Trek?

Pack Smart – Know What to Bring! Himalaya region trekking is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. And if you’re planning on visiting, it is important to prepare with the right equipment. Before we get into the equipment list we must start with the number one most important item you should do when trekking….Put your feet first.…

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How difficult Is Mount Everest Base Camp Trek?

man walking through Muktinath-Nepal

There are many misconceptions about how difficult the Everest Base Camp trek is, so let’s get right into it. There are no shortcuts to the base camp. You should train before the trip and you must be physically fit to fully enjoy the experience. However, while the Everest Base Camp trek is a challenging hike,…

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What Standard of Accommodation Should I Expect in Nepal?

The main type of accommodation in Nepal is the guest house. Prices range from $5 to $35 per night, depending on where you’re staying. In Kathmandu and Pokhara, teahouses are the most common type of accommodation. Most are basic, with a solid bed and foam mattress. You can ask for blankets, but you should always…

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Who is the Royal Kumari Goddess of Kathmandu?

The Royal Kumari of Kathmandu is a living goddess who is worshipped by people from all over the world. She is considered a deity by many Nepalis and is considered one of the most important religious figures in the country. Although there are 12 Kumaris, the most important one is Preeti. She began her reign…

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