How To Cross The Road In Vietnam Like a Pro

It’s your first day in Hanoi, Vietnam, a city full of 3 million motorbikes, you stand nervously on the edge of the street at the zebra crossing, waiting for the traffic to stop…but nothing, traffic continues to pass by like you don’t even exist.

Don’t worry, we will guide you through it and you will soon be an expert.

You may be intimidated by the traffic and may be nervous about crossing the road. You should know that cars and motorbikes are everywhere, and you may have trouble finding a big break in the traffic.

Luckily, there are some simple tips that will help you get used to crossing the street safely.

First, remember to walk slowly and with confidence and even raise your hand to shoulder height. This will help you to be seen by motorists. You should also remember not to stop in the middle of the road.

Try to stay in a group, since pedestrians are more visible when they are walking in a crowd. You should also beware of children and young people, who may be oblivious to motorists.

Remember to watch for the traffic on both sides of the road before crossing. This will ensure that you don’t cross when a large vehicle is approaching, the larger vehicles show less courtesy on the roads. 

Be sure to look both ways before crossing the road, even if you’re on the sidewalk, motorbikes often ride on the sidewalks to avoid traffic and traffic lights and even police stops.

In summary:

  • Ask a local for help if needed
  • Gauge the situation
  • Walk at a steady pace
  • Aim to get in front of the motorbikes
    • They will naturally aim to go behind you
  • Be extra careful of buses and cars
    • They don’t apply the same rules as motorbikes
  • Raise your hand to become more visible
  • Ignore the honking / beeping
  • Commit – don’t hesitate


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