Travel Agent, Are They More Expensive Or Worth It?

Thanks to the advances of technology it’s becoming more common to book your own vacation. And it’s now easier than ever to do research, find deals, and book your own flights, hotels, and cruises. People think it’s more expensive to book a tour with a travel agent because they charge a service fee but actually, this is more often incorrect.  You can quite often save more money using a travel agent when compared to booking yourself, especially when you have a complicated trip with hotels, transfers, tour guides, many day tours, restaurants, visa, flights, travel insurance etc … and because a travel agent often has better prices from travel suppliers (B2B prices) than prices you can get online.

It’s still worth using a travel agent when you can book hotels or flights by yourself easily, especially if you have a complicated trip to plan or are travelling with a group of people such as family with kids or seniors or friends. They can often help you save time,  save money, and lots of hassle. They do this based on your special needs, budget and time constraints so they can save you lots of time searching and organising. They help with coordinating large group reservations and making sure that each person specifically gets what they need. They’re also a great problem solver if anything may happen unexpectedly during your trip.

Another benefit is that they can negotiate with airlines and hotels for exclusive deals you can’t find online. This can include things like free upgrades… because they have a good partnership with travel companies. Especially in the peak season, when the hotel is fully booked, more likely hotels will move online customers to a different hotel if they’re overbooked.

They can also help you navigate through the finer details of a trip, and ensure that you’re never in any trouble as well as avoid scams while on vacation. They can make sure that you have the right travel insurance and can follow up after your trip to answer any questions or complaints you might have.

There are plenty of other reasons to use a travel agent too, like expert guidance and personalised travel tips. They’re also useful if you need help with complex itineraries, such as honeymoons or luxury trips, or if you’re travelling to a remote destination that you can’t easily visit yourself.

One of the most important qualities of a travel agent is the ability to meet and exceed client expectations. This requires the ability to understand a client’s specific needs and preferences, and the willingness to do whatever it takes to make their trip a success. A good travel agent will know the right time to schedule a flight for their client, and how to deal with an airline’s customer service department. It’s also a must for a travel agent to be able to offer a variety of options that fit the budget of their client.

But the main thing is, which travel agent is the best, and how do you choose a reliable company? Youin travel will make it much easier by auctioning your trip. You will receive more than 3 itineraries and prices from 3 different reliable travel suppliers directly at the same time which are specifically chosen by Youin Travel. They bid until you are satisfied with the itinerary and price. 


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